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          Product List
          Well head tools
          Drill stem tools
          Directional well tools
          Coring tools
          Cementing tools
          Downhole servicing tools
          Fishing tools
          Milling tools
          Accident remedy tools
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          General manager: 86-453-6524782
          Technology consulting:86-453-6540315
          Zip code:157010
          Web: www.fjrlfk.com
          Email: mdjjcsy@126.com
          Addess: Aimin District East New Street 
          No. 58

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          The company in 1997 with the industry in the first through the ISO9001 quality system certification

              The company in 1997 with the industry in the first through the ISO9001 quality system certification, and in 2003 won the American Petroleum Institute API certification, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise gets comprehensive promotion.

              In the field of technology innovation, Mudanjiang Construction Material Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd in their own R & D and innovation at the same time, also with the national major oil university, scientific research institutes to establish a close relationship between technical cooperation, and actively with the well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and technological cooperation, powerful powerful combination, and strive for

              To create first-class petroleum machinery processing enterprises continue to forge ahead, more than forty years to complete a number of independent intellectual property rights of the achievements in scientific research, and successfully converted to meet market demand at home and abroad products, many domestic blank fill.

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